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A 12-Year-Old Chinese Girl Missing From Washington Airport

You are currently viewing A 12-Year-Old Chinese Girl Missing From Washington Airport
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WASHINGTON, D.C. — A 12-year-old Chinese girl disappeared from Ronald Washington National Airport. Police believe she is in ‘’extreme’ ’danger.


Authorities told JinJing Ma arrived at the Washington Airport with a group of people.


She changed her clothes to a white T-shirt, blue jeans, and a black jacket after she parted from the group with an unknown Asian woman.


The vehicle that took them from the airport was a white Infiniti.


Officials are searching for JinJing, an Asian woman, and an Asian man seen with the missing woman at the airport.


JinJing had a tour in New York with the group before she arrived in Washington.


That’s where she met the couple. They approached her during a visit to the World Trade Center memorial.


The officers were not sure if the couple in New York and the one in Washington are identical.


However, police believed these two events were linked.


Police contacted Jinping’s grandfather, who lives in China.


Unfortunately, they couldn’t reach him.


Police tried to determine if JinJing had relatives in the United States, as well as find out about the girl’s parents.


Police said their number one priority is getting in touch with the family and reveal their identity.


Airport and state police are also working with the National Centre for Exploited Children and were attempting to contact the Chinese embassy in Washington.



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