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Aston Martin Pushes DBS 770 Ultimate To The Final Brink

You are currently viewing Aston Martin Pushes DBS 770 Ultimate To The Final Brink
Aston Martin is pushing forward for their last DBS 770.
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Aston Martin has been able to find it in themselves to send a good retirement to the DBS 770 Ultimate. After all it’s a relatively famous flagship model for the luxury brand. The limited edition is going to be produced in a quantity of 499. Aston-Martin believes that this car is likely the most powerful model ever. This is attributed to the 750-horsepower 5.2-liter V-12 engine.

Aston Martin has always been a classy vehicle. They are entirely the ones that know how to make a final goodbye out of a DBS 770 Ultimate. Known well as a Volante trim. The car certainly enjoyed a good run as is, as the vehicle is totally sold-out. About 499 units have been built and reserved already. Of course, the most impressive DBS 770 Ultimate is known as the highest-performing production car made by the automaker. Beneath the hood, the V-12 makes up about 759 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque delivers to the rear wheels via a ZF-built eight-speed automatic transmission as well as the standard mechanical limited-slip differential. Aston Martin handles the power easily with a speed-up from zero miles per hour to 60 mph in only 3.2-second span of time. The convertible itself can speed up in an additional 0.2 seconds to near itself towards the same rate of speed. About 211 miles per hour is the top speed that it can hit.

Aston Martin themselves were able to heighten the pressure of the DBS easily.

All with the usage of carbon-ceramic brakes for the standard DBS, with so many updates that are occurring under the hood. With a strong crossmember and rear undertray boost, you can see that torsional fortitude would heighten up by 3%. All while the front-end lateral stiffness raises upwards by 25%. Additionally, a new solid-mounted steering column will allow comfortable handling. The tuning to the dampers are also quite unique.

The DBS 770 has more airflow with additional aerodynamics that lead the way with a vent on the hood. Plus, 21-inch wheels come available in three finishes and fully-wrapped in Pirelli P Zero performance summer tires. Additionally, the interior has all the works. Including the semi-aniline leather and Alcantara with a nice quilt covering. The center armrest itself comes with a laser-etched badge using the DBS 770 Ultimate logo. The Q Bespoke services done inhouse by Aston Martin contains plenty of intriguing graphics and paint colors.

As of now, it’s known that the 499 units are split between 300 coupes and 199 convertibles, as production begins within the first quarter and deliveries occurring within the third quarter.

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