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Beat the Heat with These Car Essentials

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Summer is the time to go out and enjoy the world, so don't let the heat get you down!
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While the official first day of summer has not yet reached us, Memorial Day has passed. Memorial Day always marks the unofficial start to summer, as schools start going on break and the weather starts heating up. With the warm season approaching, it is especially important to incorporate as many things as you can in your normal routine to make the heat more tolerable. These eight car accessories are guaranteed to keep you cool and make your life significantly easier this summer.

Windshield Sunshades

These are great year-round purchases but are absolute musts in the summertime! This will act as a shield in your car’s windshield to help keep the heat outside of your car, as it reflects much of the sun’s rays.

Dashboard Cover

These covers are extremely beneficial in reducing the wear and tear done to the interior of your car. With a dashboard cover, you add an extra layer of protection to your dashboard so the plastic there does not get severely damaged from the sun.

Window Visors

These little attachments are exactly as they sound, they are attachable visors that attach to the top of your windows in order to provide some shade from the sun.

Window Curtains

There is nothing better to accompany your window visors than some window curtains! Most versions that you will find available of this roll-on and provide UV protection!

Steering Wheel Cover

Just like a dashboard, the heat can cause a lot of damage to the steering wheel. A steering wheel cover offers protection to try and counteract the damage before it can be done!

Car Cover

Just like the interior, the sun can cause damage to the exterior of a car. A cover for your car is a very smart investment if you do not park regularly in covered parking areas. This will help keep the temperature down in your car and protect the paint.

Cooling Cushions

Yep, you read that right! They sell cushions that you can put in your car that circulate cooling air to keep your seat’s temperature down. Some new, higher-end vehicles do have a built-in seat cooler system, but if you are not a lucky owner of one of these vehicles, cooling cushions are a life changer!

Solar Fans

Just like the cooling cushions, these are a true summer driving game changer. There is nothing worse than going for an adventure just to return to your car and have it scorching hot inside. Solar fans help prevent that as they use the power from the sun to continuously move and circulate the airflow to prevent it from getting too hot in your car, even when it is parked!

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