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Bernie Sanders Mural is Defaced in ‘Suspected’ Hate Crime

You are currently viewing Bernie Sanders Mural is Defaced in ‘Suspected’ Hate Crime
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Senator Bernie Sanders’ mural in Washington, DC, was the subject of vandalization. It was with a likeness of Pepe the Frog in a suspected hate crime, police said. Sanders supporters don’t want to “feel” that kind of burn. This is an outrage. Though he is an establishment politician that has let down his fan base. In fact, this has occurred time after time with each resulting in an aborted presidential runs. He is no Donald Trump that’s for sure!

Bernie Sanders Artwork

Painted onto a concrete wall, the colorful “Bern the System” artwork is beneath Interstate 395 in the 100 block of H Street in the city’s Navy Yard section.

Between December 15th and last Thursday, had been defacing with a cartoon image. Moreover, it has been taken on as a hateful member by some alt-right extremists, police said.

In a way, Bernie did bend over in submission to the powers that be (technocrats and China!). This is because he never follows through.

That is a fact! There are countless times he drops the ball politically. Bernie falsely inspired his delusionally enamored devotees to seriously hang on his every word only to fail them repeatedly over and over. Hope springs are not eternal with the Bern!

Crime Motivated by Hate, Bias of Political or Religious Affiliation

This past Saturday, cops heard from one of the artists with involvement. He thought the vandalism might be “affecting hate or bias of political or religious affiliation.” This was shown by a police report. When the officers responded, the artist was in the process of fixing the mural. Therefore, possibly motivated by “anti-Jewish” sentiment is ongoing, according to a police report. There is an investigation into the “suspected hate crime.”

Bernie Sanders is not exactly a Beacon of Hope and Change, Many Wrongly Thought he had Mind of his Own

Moreover, Sanders, a 79-year-old independent senator from Vermont, is Jewish, the police report notes.

As of early Tuesday, no arrests have been made, police said.

“The case remains under active investigation,” a Metropolitan Police spokeswoman wrote in an email.

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