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D.C. Surging With Corona Tests After White House Outbreak

You are currently viewing D.C. Surging With Corona Tests After White House Outbreak
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WASHINGTON D.C. – I never did try to involve myself in politics much. The one time I did, it was for a school project regarding President Bush’s dogs. He sent me back pictures and a very generic response that his copywriters probably used the 2000’s answer to Grammarly. All that just to make life seem more electoral. Besides that one interaction and being really excited about D.C. for their public transit system, I didn’t care much for politics except to pass history tests.

Furthermore, I never gave much thought to our nation’s capital. After all, what difference does it make what a bunch of suits think of me? They’re also mortal, therefore, they’re also as subject to life’s bitter endings as I am. (Though they sure act like a little spot in the hot seat wouldn’t hurt anybody.) So again, not much thought to dedicate here.

The Corona Virus has Changed the Rules, Pushed D.C. to Get More Tests

Thanks to the anti-mask faction of President Donald Trump and crew, there’s been not only a high influx of the Corona Virus, but also of Corona Virus tests in D.C. In the capital alone, 3,962 tests were a huge to-do on Monday, October 5th. That’s an 81% increase from last Monday.

That’s bonkers.

According to John Falcicchio, the chief of staff to D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, while they don’t have data on what drove people to get it that particular Monday, he doesn’t blame them for worrying. “We will continue to monitor the demand this week and urge residents if they need a test to get a test.”

Some individuals are getting impatient. At Judiciary Square, the largest testing site in D.C., folks had to wait almost an hour plus just to stick the testing wand up their nose.

One anonymous reporter for the White House believes that the Trump Administrtation’s laissez-faire affairs in the matter thought it was absolutely ludicrous.

“They’ve done nothing to take responsibility for what happened, and we’re all just kind of left in the lurch.”

And this is why I try to distance myself from D.C. But if you must, check out these testing locations in the District of Columbia.

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