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DC Business Owner Criticizes Leaders for Crime

You are currently viewing DC Business Owner Criticizes Leaders for Crime
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In a neighborhood called Shaw, located in Washington, D.C., business owners and community leaders have spoken out about violent crime that they say is making life scary for residents. This concern came to a head after a shooting happened last weekend, leaving two people dead and five others injured.

Rachelle Nigro, who leads the Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) for Shaw, expressed deep sadness about the ongoing violence in their community. She said that people living in the area have been dealing with violence for many years and asked, “How much more can this community handle?”

Cedric Maupillier, the owner of a French bistro called Convivial, shared his frustration with The Washington Post. He described feeling sick and tired of the violence, blaming the city’s leaders for not doing enough to stop it. According to Maupillier, the violence has made it hard for his restaurant to stay open. Shootings scare away customers, and two of his employees have even quit because of the danger.

Maupillier believes that city officials need to be tougher on crime. He thinks they lack the courage to make the necessary changes. He also mentioned feeling like the police can’t do much and that the city isn’t doing enough to address smaller crimes.

In response to these concerns, business leaders wrote a letter to the Mayor, Muriel Bowser, warning her about the increasing violence in the city. As a result, the D.C. Council passed a new law called the Secure DC Omnibus Amendment Act of 2024.

This law aims to tackle crime head-on by implementing over 100 different proposals. It includes harsher penalties for gun violence and organized theft.

Despite the passing of this law, Maupillier remains skeptical. He doesn’t have much faith in politics and wants to see real action taken to reduce crime. Another community leader, Sheena Berry, worries that the new law might not solve all the problems. She thinks that safety won’t just magically improve with one piece of legislation.

On the other hand, Mayor Bowser defended the city’s reputation, stating in an interview with Axios that crime rates have actually been going down this year. She cited statistics showing a 17-percent decrease in violent crime and a 12-percent decrease in overall crime, according to police data.

In summary, people in Shaw are deeply concerned about the violence in their neighborhood. Business owners like Maupillier feel like the city isn’t doing enough to keep them safe. While the passing of a new crime law offers some hope, there’s still skepticism about whether it will make a real difference. Meanwhile, Mayor Bowser maintains that the city is making progress in addressing crime.

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