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DC Planning to Make Roads Better: Seeks Your Opinion and Involvement

DC Planning to Make Roads Better: Seeks Your Opinion and Involvement
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The leaders at D.C. Department of Transportation (DOT) are aware of just how bad some people think the city’s roads are. The Director of DDOT, Jeff Marootian said it’s one of the things he hears the most about from city residents.


However, there was a reduction of some complaints after the city started its Pave DC program earlier this year.


According to Marootian, in the first year of what’s planned to be a 6-year project, the department has completed about 120 segments of road, with another 37 under construction and dozens more planned.


“We’re doing the roadways that are in the worst condition, and some those are main arterials and some of them are smaller local streets,” he said, adding that a segment can be defined as “one full block or one longer stretch of a roadway.”


The District is increasing the money allocated for road and sidewalk maintenance from just over $6 million at the start of the decade to nearly $30 million a year now. And the city is putting a lot of effort in to figure out which roads are in need of an improvement.


Per Marootian, their technology monitors the condition of the pavement across the District, also, they have a team of folks, who evaluate every single roadway, who have gone out to locations to determine what exactly is needed, what the right fix is that’s required.”


Nearly every D.C. resident has an opinion on what the worst of the worst roads are, and Marootian said the city wants to hear from each one of them.


“The best way for the public to communicate with us is through 311,” he said. “We look at every single request for roadway resurfacing to determine what type of repair is needed. In some cases, it may be a small repair; in other cases, it may necessitate a full repaving of the road.”


You can also go online to check where Pave DC is sending crews to work over the next several months.

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