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DC Water Anounces That Water Quality is Poor for 48 hours

You are currently viewing DC Water Anounces That Water Quality is Poor for 48 hours
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The city of Washington D.C. released a warning for residents on Thursday about the water quality in the city.

DC Water is urging people in the Northeast and the Northwest areas not to use the water or to boil it if needed.

There was an error at one of the pumping stations in the city Thursday evening. One of the valves at Bryant Street Pumping station was accidentally left open. This caused a loss of pressure throughout the pipes in that area.

Certain neighborhoods had no water at all overnight.

As the pipes went dry, the risk for contaminants grew higher. This is why DC Water did not want to risk the health of thousands of residents in D.C.

This water warning will remain all weekend, and officials advise that people boil the water before using it to drink.

Officials have also stated that it is safe to shower with the water as it is, however, do not swallow it since it might be contaminated.

All D.C. parks have shut down all the sprinkles, water fountains, pools, and spray parks since early Friday morning. Certain businesses will also remain closed for the day.

The Water Quality Will Stay Poor Until Officials Fix the Pipes

Although the low-pressure error was fixed in the pipe, it is still unsure whether the water quality is back to normal or not.

Here are the areas that DC Water announced the precaution for:

  • Western Avenue to Massachusetts Avenue to Nebraska Avenue to Military Rd to Missouri to New Hampshire Avenue.
  • All of Eastern Avenue
  • New York Avenue to K St to Whitehurst Freeway
  • Canal Road to the Clara Barton Pkwy to the West.

These were the instructions DC Water gave:

  • Before boiling the water, run the tap and wait until it is clear colored if the water appears dirty.
  • Boil the water for about 3 minutes.
  • Cool the water down before using it.
  • Stock the water in a bottle, bowl, or any other container and cover it.

Just to be on the safe side, do so until Sunday or until DC Water announces it is safe to use tap water again.

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