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Dealer Car Moving Services

Dealer Car Moving

When buying a car, you generally start your search with local dealerships. This is the most convenient way to scout out the car of your dreams. Unfortunately, what’s in stock doesn’t always match up with the perfect car in your head. For example, maybe the make and model is in stock but not the color you want.

In this case, you’re forced to scour the internet for dealers that have your perfect car. No doubt the vehicle you want is out there somewhere. But, what if the dealership is too far away? Going there and driving it back home doesn’t make sense. Your time and money are too valuable. This is where dealer car moving services come into play.

Convenient Dealer Car Moving Services

Some dealers do provide their own shipping, however, it’s usually more affordable to select your own car carrier. Washington D.C. Auto Transport promises to ship your car for a great price and to do it safely. We specialize in giving you peace of mind.

No matter where in the US your new car is, we’ll pick it up and ship it to your home. We have long-standing relationships with dealerships all over the country so there are no problems. You can trust that your new car will arrive on time at the appointed date.

When using our Dealer Car Moving Services, there are two options provided: Open Car Moving or Enclosed Auto Shipping. The Open Car option is the most affordable as well as the most common. Enclosed Auto Shipping is primarily used for Exotic Car Transport and to ship luxury or vintage vehicles. This option is more expensive and is generally not used for everyday driving cars.

The rates for our Dealer Car Moving Services are some of the most customer-friendly in the industry. After all, it’s our goal to offer first-class customer service at reasonable prices.

Get your free Dealer Car Moving Services quote by visiting our contact page. You can also reach us by phone at (202) 930-8005. Our operators are standing by to answer any and all questions.

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