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District Officials Delay Marijuana Gift Shop Inspections

You are currently viewing District Officials Delay Marijuana Gift Shop Inspections
Marijuana is totally overdramatized by the district officers.
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The district officials have had to delay inspecting the businesses with no explanation. Which is confusing in and of itself because this comes after weeks of warnings about a crackdown likely to strike marijuana gift shops. The Joint Cannabis Task Force was supposed to inspect 100 plus marijuana gift shops for city code and health violations. Yet, a spokeswoman for Mayor Muriel Bowser made a promise of how inspections are still coming.

In a press release, Susana Castillo, Mayor Bowser’s press secretary mentioned that it will occur soon enough as government agencies continue to coordinate and work together on the Cannabis Task Force. The advocates for marijuana who are in themselves representing owners of gift shops, in specific expecting raids that were conducted since Initiative 71 passed 2014. This process, showing that there is legalization of smaller amounts of marijuana. The gift shop owners have declined to talk about the inspections that are soon arriving.

Don’t Get High in Front of the White House

Being that that’s the case, it’s still illegal to sell or buy marijuana in DC. Meanwhile, the gifting concept had been made by store owners who themselves can give the marijuana for free, while charging cash for items like services and clothing.

Mayor Bowser has been relatively quiet and referred questions to the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration. She says that they can oversee the effort to inspect the gifting shops.

Even in the past, the mayor has made it known that the gifting shops area “a public safety” issue. Policemen themselves have even made it seem like the shops are really fronts for other illegal operations. This all could lead to a rise in crime.

There’s plenty of thoughts about what the marijuana gift shops could really be doing under the guise of their own existence. It’s all just conjecture at this point. However, even if the police find nothing illegal in these shops, they may still have to relocate their business.

District Officials Are Clashing with Local Interest Groups

The I-71 Committee represents the gifting shops of DC. And they think the whole crackdown is dumb. Just plain scare tactics used to shake the rest of the industry. And while it seems harmless, real brick and mortar stores are in danger of being shut down. They may commit multiple infractions they didn’t even know about! That’s very impolite of the district officials! How could you go ahead and shut down someone’s livelihood just because the media criminalizes marijuana? It’s frankly appalling and would be a disservice to the community.

The Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration is unlikely to target the weed business to where these stores will open without proper licenses. There are some seller of the I-71 that are being private by showing their wares through social media accounts, while selling motivational speeches with delivery services. Patrons are able to purchase digital artworks and select enough of a edibles and pre-rolled joints as a “gift.” The businesses in town may have to withstand additional oversight for specific businesses while medical marijuana dispensaries are terribly afraid of the Joint Cannabis Task Force. There are hopes that there will be better communication with the Office of Tax and Revenue.

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