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Exotic Vehicle Shipping

Exotic vehicle loading into container for shipping
Washington D.C. Auto Transport can ship exotic vehicles!

Certain things need to be considered when shipping an exotic vehicle, especially when the distance is long. After all, an exotic car truly deserves special treatment.

Rare, collectible, or luxury automobiles can be super expensive. Consequently, it’s worth making every effort to ensure their safety. Certainly, you don’t want the safety of your precious car jeopardized by hiring an amateur shipping company. Why risk it?

Washington D.C. Auto Transport has been shipping exotic vehicles for years. We have the expertise, the experience, and the trust of a loyal customer base to ship delicate, precious automobiles.

Washington D.C. Auto Transport: Exotic Vehicle Shipping

At Washington D.C. Auto Transport, we know exactly how valuable your exotic car is to you. Plus, having worked in the industry since 2006, we’ve gained valuable experience dealing with these vehicles. We’re more than qualified to ship your luxury or exotic car across the country safely. Trust us, it’ll get to its destination in pristine condition.

We do strongly recommend using the enclosed auto shipping method for your exotic vehicle shipping. By making this choice, you’re selecting a transport style that keeps your vehicle covered throughout its journey. This method of shipping keeps your exotic car safe from the elements like dust, weather, and even road debris. Because this is a premium service, it’s a slightly higher price.

Exotic vehicle shipping ensures your beloved car avoids any possible damage along the way to its destination. Trust us with this responsibility. We’ve been reliably shipping vehicles in this fashion for over 15 years. And although this service is somewhat more expensive, Washington D.C. Auto Transport does everything in its power to keep our quote reasonable and one of the lowest on the market!

Contact us at Washington D.C. Auto Transport by calling (202) 930-8005 and we’ll be happy to move your exotic vehicle!