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Truckers’ Fake News! Cutting Short the Hours

You are currently viewing Truckers’ Fake News! Cutting Short the Hours
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So, is this driver shortage, “fake news?” The truck driver shortage may be a cause for alarm for many people. Every discussion about trucking within the United States seems to lead back to this topic. Although it’s unclear exactly what’s happening with the shortage and what’s going on with drivers’ paystub? This is a large issue in the trucking industry and largely affects the people within it.

A report from the U.S. Department of Labor was just released. This report displays that the shortage is a result of fake news. That the driver shortage isn’t actually a shortage. In short, the report dives into the usual struggles of the driver shortage. It also delves into what might have caused these incidents that led to a shortage. Or, what wasn’t a shortage at all. Many believe that the numbers are low due to the market’s irregularities and the high turnover rates. However, this new report suggests that the stats really only show that the industry is similar to other occupations.

So, what’s next for truckers?

Throughout the driving network, many individuals have fought for substantial compensation because of the shortage. Also, due to the many changes in this “shortage” and employment trends. And it’s your turn to flip the tables, Here, the fight continues. As the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ states, there’s not enough evidence for a shortage. Although there might be issues within the industry, there’s nothing specific to a shortage.

Like many career paths, it’s not clear exactly how drastic the shortage is and whether or not it will change the industry the industry will change. But, the data is skewed, only time will tell which the industry will change.

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