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FourKites: “Executing [Carriers] At The Highest Levels.”

You are currently viewing FourKites: “Executing [Carriers] At The Highest Levels.”
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FourKites is identifying companies for meeting performance requirements – visibility’s sake – while also maintaining customer service properly and efficiently.

Carriers in general are doing everything they can to fulfill customer expectations. And FourKites is pretty ahead of the curve with their Q4 Premier Carrier List online. Supposedly, it’s got more carriers on it than any other list before. Specifically speaking, 119 of those carriers got on the list within four consecutive quarters while 28 of new ones have just qualified.

In total, there’s a whopping 382 global carriers, third-party logistics providers and brokers on the Q4 list. What a time for trucking, supply chains and logistics!

What do you have to do to get on the list?

Not really “do” if not “be.” And what you have to be is a carrier that shows operational excellence while meeting the qualifications they put up. Metrics cover the location updates per given load and therefore the quality of such. Premier Carriers need about 85% in consistency.

The difference? Premier Carriers reach about 30% more timely delivery performance while managing 2 million equipment pieces and noticing 15% growth in load volume.

Their VP of carrier operations at FourKites, Jason Eversole, had this to add: “We remain committed to continuing to provide both shippers and carriers with the tools and resources they need to collaborate and cement deeper partnerships.”

FourKites hopes to keep introducing tools that increases supply chain visibility, with such tools like Dynamic Yard. It’s an automated yard management division. Hopefully, through this, carriers will notice ridiculously quick wait times via the high-quality visibility data.

The company gives off predictive supply chain visibility which also does good work calculating shipment arrival times and in-transit necessities. As a result, the platform covers plenty of the modes in over 176 countries. Now, if that isn’t nifty, I’m not sure what exactly could be at all.

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