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GM Provides Power With V2H Technology

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GM Energy showcased its cutting-edge technology by orchestrating a unique demonstration at a lavish Beverly Hills mansion. Amidst the opulent surroundings, they boldly interrupted the mansion’s electricity supply, showcasing the seamless transition from traditional grid power to energy sourced from a 2024 Chevrolet Silverado EV RST First Edition parked in the garage. As the lights momentarily dimmed, the home seamlessly switched over to power supplied by the electric vehicle (EV), illustrating the potential of integrating EVs into home energy systems.

This groundbreaking system, currently available from General Motors (GM) subsidiary GM Energy, introduces a Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) bidirectional charging solution. Similar to Ford’s offering for the F-150 Lightning electric pickup, GM Energy’s system can automatically switch a home’s power source from the grid to the EV’s battery supply, contingent upon the EV being present and plugged in at home. Initially compatible with the Chevy Silverado EV RST model, future support is planned for various 2024 Chevrolet models including the Equinox and Blazer EVs, as well as the GMC Sierra EV Denali and the Cadillac Lyriq.

However, it’s notable that the initial lineup excludes the GMC Hummer SUV and pickup, the pioneering Ultium-based EVs from GM. While there’s a possibility of future support for these models through software updates, such integration is not guaranteed at this stage.

The system’s core component, the GM Energy PowerShift Charger, serves as the foundation. This charger, available separately, facilitates standard Level 2 home-to-vehicle charging. To enable V2H functionality, the V2H Enablement Kit is required, comprising a power inverter, a home hub, and a dark start battery.

Flexibility is a key aspect of the system’s design, with each component being deployable independently to accommodate diverse home layouts and wiring configurations. Weatherproof and suitable for indoor or outdoor placement, these components can be discreetly installed in utility rooms or other inconspicuous locations.

During normal operation, the dark start battery remains trickle charged to maintain readiness. In the event of a power outage, it activates, providing low-voltage power to initiate communication between system components and prompt the EV to divert its power to the home.

The PowerShift charging unit functions in reverse during outages, supplying power to the inverter, which then converts it to AC for distribution by the home hub to the various circuits within the house. Installation, managed in partnership with Qmerit, offers homeowners the flexibility to select which circuits receive backup power or opt for whole-house coverage. Capable of delivering up to 9.6 kW, the system provides sufficient power to sustain essential functions in most homes, including sizable estates like the 10,000-square-foot Beverly Hills mansion used in the demonstration.

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