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House Passes Bill to Make a Capital Become a State is Closer

You are currently viewing House Passes Bill to Make a Capital Become a State is Closer
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The House of Representatives passed a bill that would make a capital into a state. In fact, Democrats have said it’s about time to make the capital into a state. The motivation is primarily political, Republicans have said. Repression is another issue. “200 years of political repression in the District of Columbia,” Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) said. It’s time to make the capital the 51st state as well as other House Democrats have concurred.

House Bill: Full and Equal Representation

“Moreover, all people do, in fact, have a right to full and equal representation in their government,” Maloney said. Additionally, D.C. House Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton (Democrat) introduced this bill. Therefore, they also say district residents, in fact, deserve full representation in Congress.

“However, the D.C. residents are taxed without representation and moreover cannot consent to the laws under which they as American citizens must in fact live,” Norton said.

Democratic Power Grab, Republicans say

The Republicans say this isn’t about the people, it is, in fact about the politics. However, the Democrats say it is about fairness. Congressman Fred Keller (Republican-Pennsylvania) said, “This is about a Democrat power grab.” The democrats are forcing this issue through for one reason, Keller and Congressman James Comer (Republican-Kentucky) said. Both believe HR51 is not really about voting representation. It’s in fact about Democrats get their power together in Washington,” Comer said.

Adding More Democrats is Part pf the Bigger Agenda than Helping the Public with Fairness and Representation

D.C., as a state, would more than likely add two new Democrats to the Senate. In fact, Congressman Jim Jordan (Republican-Ohio) says this will just help Democrats push their agenda forward.

“The District of Columbia would get two more Democrat senators It’s a pure power grab,” Jordan said.

Now, the bill now heads to the Senate. It will have to clear a 60-vote threshold to pass.

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