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Infrastructure Bill Brings Millions to DC

You are currently viewing Infrastructure Bill Brings Millions to DC
DC secured $10 million in funding to help build its infrastructure.
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It’s all too common when Capitol Hill passes a law that benefits the rest of America but somehow forgets about DC. It’s easy to forget a district that’s not a state. The announcement of $2.2 billion of federal funding impressed many states. These funds will help create 166 projects to improve the infrastructure of America. These projects will build roads, bridges, and trails to improve everyday life. However, this time, they didn’t forget DC. In fact, DC secured $10 million in funding to help build its infrastructure. This money will go to helping create a new trail for cyclists and pedestrians. It is the city’s hope that this will create better alternative means of transportation and make it easier to commute through the city for those who wish not to drive.

The South Capitol Street Trail project should help pedestrians and cyclists alike. Located in Ward 8, the trail will be 10 feet wide and 4 miles long. The plan is to extend the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail Network. This new trail begins at South Capitol Street and Firth Sterling Avenue and goes to Oxon Hill Farm Trail along DC Village Lane. It is the hope of the city that this will provide pedestrians and cyclists with safer alternative travel.

The trail will not only help cyclists and pedestrians, but DC workers as a whole. There is language in the contract that many hard-working construction professionals should be happy about. The project will bring jobs to many residents of DC. This is because over half of the hours of construction must be done by DC residents. Additionally, 20% of the project must be done by those at the journey-level. This project should boost many construction careers in the DC area.

There is no timetable as of yet for when the project will commence. We know even less about when it will open. However, it’s always good news when the federal government doesn’t forget about the town it does business in. This should help many DC residents find easier commutes to work or even help propel their careers forward.

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