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JAC E10X From Mexico Happens To Be The Cheapest OF Electric Cars

You are currently viewing JAC E10X From Mexico Happens To Be The Cheapest OF Electric Cars
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JAC is a Chinese carmaker that is happy to step into the world of Electric Vehicles. Especially in Mexico! As it turns out, the Mexican side of things is looking to receive a 2022 JAC E10X. What does that mean? That means that Mexico is about to get quite the zippy, and inexpensive, electric vehicle! This car is not like your other JACs. No, sir! This E10X actually has over 200 miles of range that will cost about $20,000. It happens to be in North America. That’s an exciting reminder of the EV market here in the United States.

The E10X has in itself a respectable range of about 224 miles and is looking to cost about $416,000 in pesos which equates to about $19,960 in USD. This is just for the commercial version of the E10X. In of itself, the vehicle is only missing a backseat in order to fit more cargo. However, a passenger version is about to be starting high and mighty at only about $425,000 pesos. This would also equate to about $20,400 dollars.

What game is JAC playing at here, anyway?

The electric vehicle company is thinking of rebadging the iEV6E, another vehicle of tremendous success in the Chinese market. Of course, the design has a very clear debut of VW cues. So that’s an exciting development; to know there’s some brotherhood that occurs between either vehicle.

Of course, the JAC has a max range of about 187 to about 224 miles of driving. On top of that, it possesses a 30.2 kilowatt-hours of battery levels. With power figures of about 59 horsepower. And can you believe it if it has about 111 lb-feet of torque? Because it does and ooh is it piping-hot for an electric powertrain or what!? The coolest vehicle in Mexico, period.

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