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LEGO Comprises This Entire Toyota GR Supra In Life-Size Form

You are currently viewing LEGO Comprises This Entire Toyota GR Supra In Life-Size Form
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There’s a GR Supra that not only is made from thousands of LEGO bricks but has also been made drivable. In Japan, at Legoland, there is a life-size version of the GR Supra that has been recreated from Lego Bricks and it is just awesome. The story behind this comes from seeing nearly half a million blocks come together to create a full-scale version of the car. And yet, the team themselves have very well spent the better part of three thousand hours just creating the plans for such an amazing project. Usually, this type of creation has to be put in blueprints, but some may say it’s kept integral for the sake of being authentic.

The lights themselves look pretty good as you can see. But as it turns out they happen to be inferior comparably to the insane amount of detail elsewhere. And how couldn’t you look at that. It’s a perfect recreation of the console, shift selector dash and especially the passenger seat. This all has appropriate color-coding. This was all done to it’s advantage. When you consider how it looks like, as a GR Supra should be essential. Efficient, reliable and overall the real deal. When you consider all of this, take into mind how wild it is. That the replica relies on 477,303 real LEGO pieces.

You can tell that LEGO has put a lot of work into it by the video evidence alone.

Lego pieces aside, you can tell that the team that makes all of these cars into replicas are very deliberate. When you also look at this Lego Supra, it actually involves an electric driving capability. It tends to have the capacity to outpace the supercar by far at 17 mph. This comes as a result of half the Legos utilizing it’s own ability to reach completion for the Toyota Supra.

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