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Living Vehicle– The New ‘Glamping’

You are currently viewing Living Vehicle– The New ‘Glamping’
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Living Vehicle will release Luxury Camping Trailers for 2021.

Got money and a craving for adventure? We say, hell yeah! Make that investment and exploration is right around the corner!

Living Vehicle didn’t really find an opportunity to partner up with RV manufacturers. Rather, they found their future with Volta Power Systems. They had the industrial and commercial experience.

Living more up to par with the company, Volta systems are more reliable, Joanna Hofmann, the co-founder of Living Vehicle said. She continues and talks about how the nickel-manganese-cobalt battery interactions were necessary. All in all, the company wants to make EV charging faster. This “chemistry” will also enable longer-term remote living.

Speaking of EV charging, when you tow around the Luxury Trailer with your Tesla, you can just plug that bad boy into the mini-home. With the solar panel installation, running out of energy won’t be a worry on your mind. Cool, right?

Living Vehicle will be offering three models: Core, Max, and Pro. The Core can be adjusted to fit the same level of luxury as the others. It runs for $229,995.

Who doesn’t want to live off the grid nowadays? The Max and Pro are made for different lengths of doing so! Speak of the devil!

We suppose that glamping isn’t in-style anymore if this exists. It’s almost like a tiny house. As a matter of fact, it technically is. These Luxury Trailers are amplified tiny-houses. With so much power, there’s so much reliability.

What does Living Vehicle have to offer anyway?

Well on top of the lovely solar panels, they are actually doubled as awnings that generate an added 1320 watts of power. This also is in addition to the standard rooftop, auto-leveling system, and a 5.5-kW generator. These additives may add up, like any other investment. However, these purchases are worth it!

Besides the power it beholds, the vehicle holds a 100-gallon freshwater tank.

BUT WHERE WILL I STORE MY FOOD? Hey, settle down. It comes with a fridge!

And if you’re feeling crazy, there are additional upgrades you can add such as a movie theater and security.

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