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Local Leaders Seek Statehood While Defending Criminal Code

You are currently viewing Local Leaders Seek Statehood While Defending Criminal Code
DC should be considered as a state.
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For 16 years, council members and criminal justice experts have been looking to craft a proper crime bill. But now that they’re trying to pass it, there’s a lot of pushback from Congressional Republicans whom can block it, due to the level of it’s highly controversial nature. It’s in this case that such political leaders tend to show their involvement for the matter of defending their position on their own reasons of why or why doesn’t the city deserve statehood.

As it turns out in this case, however, there’s a higher likelihood than ever before that the District of Columbia will indeed override a mayoral veto. This will in turn pass the New and Revised Criminal Code from earlier on last year. But at this point, Eleanor Holmes Norton still believes that there’s a subject of conversation to be had while it’s in Congress, when it comes to the brand new criminal code as well as whether or not the District is responsible enough to operate themselves as a full-fledged state of the USA.

If they can just agree on it, there’s a huge possibility that they’ll be instituted into the United States before long. There’s plenty to disagree on regarding the criminal code, while it’s looking like the council will go even easier on criminals in any case. The associated office has not yet decided to provide specifics on what would be opposed within the bill. Therein lies just another example of how D.C. statehood is very significant. All because it his still all wrong for the members of Congress to veto and bring on their will before the welfare of the individuals of the District of Columbia.

Imagine How Much More Seriously People Would Regard DC as a State!

Senator Chris Van Hollen from Maryland supports the statehood bill as it has been reintroduced by Senator Tom Carper from Delaware. He, along with a multitude of Senate Democrats are happy to back the D.C. Admissions Act with the intention to handle the city’s 700,000 citizens with full representation. What’s interesting about Carper is how he’s the final Vietnam veteran that serves in Congress, while he takes exception to the 14,000 D.C. residents serve the United States in the military with no vote. Plenty of residents that have previously served in the military were sent into battle through a war where they had no choice in choosing.

I digress.

In the past year, there was a full vote in the house for legislation to make D.C. into a state. However, it failed when pushing forward. Within a divided legislature, Holmes Norton has herself acknowledged how hard it may be to push what is otherwise known as “critical legislation” forward.

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