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Local Professionals Are Stuck Job Hunting To No Avail

You are currently viewing Local Professionals Are Stuck Job Hunting To No Avail
Local professionals are stuck in an instance where they can't quite acquire the jobs they're so readily looking for.
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All around the Nation’s Capitol, local professionals are stuck having to handle the new year with totally dismal truths. The current job market is spelling out many difficulties in the modern age. The staffing firm Robert Half has come across a large share of job hunting as the most-major goal of local professionals. Regional Vice President, Trey Barnette, believes that it was a major shock for the area. “About four out of 10 people, specifically 38% of local workers, are planning to look for a new job in the next six months.” According to the survey, 32% of local professionals are going to consider quitting their current jobs with no other one lined up.

Local Professionals Are Not Entirely Capable To Fend For Themselves

Barnette has many other opinions. “A lot of people right now are looking to take a break from work, being burned out from the last two years dealing with the pandemic. Some want to pursue other interests or more education. Some just want to take a little time while they’re looking for another job.”

Why do people want to move on? Because of pay, benefit, and perks. Robert Half’s survey has been able to note that 88% of DC-area professionals are sure of themselves with the current skills sets. Meanwhile, 37% don’t quite have the clearest path for advancement at their current company.

The firm suggests companies make sure their compensation and benefits are competitive within their industry, make more professional development plans available, constantly seek employee input and reinforce the importance of their work.

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