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Mayor Muriel Bowser Kicks Up A Storm With Athletic Center Plans

You are currently viewing Mayor Muriel Bowser Kicks Up A Storm With Athletic Center Plans
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The Mayor of the District Of Columbia, Muriel Bowser, has made it known that she wishes for the federal government to surrender control of the RFK Stadium. This is to pledge that a $60 million indoor athletic facility as part of a “down payment.” This is in concerns of the untapped potential seen to be handled if the city did indeed take over.

As Mayor Bowser puts it, “Nowhere else in the District will you see so much untapped land and untapped potential. Sadly what you see is a crumbling stadium. You see a parking lot next to a parking lot next to a parking lot. You see 190 acres of empty grass and asphalt. We know that has to change.”

Currently, the RFK Campus is ran by the U.S. Department of Interior, though leased for sports usage in D.C. through 2038. However, It was back in 2018 that the local soccer club, D.C. United left RFK for Audi Field. Most D.C. residents believe that the space could be best used to sell land towards the city, usable for the housing, offices and retail purposes.

But Mayor Bowser has different plans in mind.

RFK very well could be the next best site for the home stadium of the Washington Commanders. “We have the best site, everybody knows that. It is connected to the highways, it is connected to the Metro system, it has a beautiful view of the U.S. Capitol. We had the same arguments over Franklin Park, and that had no controversial owner. I don’t want to be distracted by individuals when we are talking about putting land into productive use.” 

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