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McLaren Artura Is A V-6 Supercar Unlike Any You’ve Ever Seen

You are currently viewing McLaren Artura Is A V-6 Supercar Unlike Any You’ve Ever Seen
This McLaren is unstoppable!
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The McLaren Artura is the latest entry coming in hot from the exotic automaker. Let’s just say this vehicle is quite a blur of a vehicle. In particular, the Artura is a production hybrid that will cost about $237,500. And for good reason.

The innovative engineering behind the McLaren Artura is in hot pursuit of speed as you’ve never known it to be before. First and foremost, the McLaren Artura has the latest tire technology installed in it. Specifically, a nice set of Pirellis!

Their patented Cyber Tyre smart-tire technology allows for ultimate traction in the street as winter configurations can come built-in with a “blister” sensor that allows the car’s onboard computers to immediately read the rubber. It’s Bluetooth-enabled and can also get a sense of the concomitant air pressure and tire temperature as well.

There’s the opportunity to see the Artura in action when the P Zero Corsa PZC4 tires are in place upon it’s track guiding. Of course, the vehicle itself can burn it up on any course it’s taken upon.

What else is interesting about the McLaren Artura?

The car comes with Variable Drift Control. That means that there’s a setting to show how much you can deploy grip in a comfotrable manner of sorts. It’s not very difficult to drive so to speak, as the slip differential is rather strong. The Artura has the strongest controlled limited slip-differential. All part of the new rear-mounted eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Of course, there’s vigilance in the vehicle when in Auto mode. Of course, the behavior of the auto can be relatively predictable nd neutral with enough reserves. This could be relative to the Proto-Celtic name of Artura meaning “she-bear.”

McLaren is holding the weight down to about a 3,400 pounds. Which, of course, can be considered relatively light by the standards of today. It may truly be a mere hundred pounds heavier than other coupes. But of course, the 120-degree 3.0-liter V-6 engine give off about 577 horsepower with 431 pound-feet of torque.

The vehicle itself can enable about 11 miles of electric-specific range. In which case, the 34-lb. electric motor lets the McLaren use the car in a reverse gear with the transmission reverse handled totally by the motor. The 7.4 kilowatt hours battery will be charged by the V-6 as the one and the same vehicle operates through any streets or highways you go through.

Certainly, the most excellent aspect of the McLaren Carbon Fibre Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) comes as a brand new sort of powertrain. It comes in as a high-performance hybrid powertrain. The pursuit of lightness peaks the level beyond any sort of distancing. The aerodynamic efficiency can be more than just advanced. There’s a minimal design that comes from the rear suspension to an advanced e-differential with every new element that hits for intense driving experience with ultra-light supercar engineering. There’s agility and engagement unlike any other vehicle that you may have never seen with the McLaren vehicles. It’s unlike any other car out there that McLaren has released.

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