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Mercedes Shows How Maybach Can Give Back EV Power

You are currently viewing Mercedes Shows How Maybach Can Give Back EV Power
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With so much power in their EV models, the 2024 Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV is definitely in welcome company. The car itself is already based on the Mercedes-Benz, as it truly puts a heavy emphasis on the results that show through the cars. On past Maybachs, since the 2002 revival, there’s obvious rationale that displays the same structure that the Mercedes Benz itself had been based on too, along with plenty of distinctive styling differentiations.

When you look at the Mercedes-Benz, you can tell that it comes with a closed-off grille because it comes with a think set of vertical chrome strekaes that flow down to the air inlet below. The Three Pointed Star logo sits upon the hood, while a slight Maybach badge lays under.

One striking feature about the Maybach is that it utilizes a two-tone paint scheme with varied presence. The Wheels themselves are monoblock-type as it comes with traditional design. The Maybach logos are all laced up over the interior.

Let’s talk about the way the Mercedes-Maybach gives off strength in the speed output.

The Car itself comes with 649 horsepower, as well as 700 lb-ft of torque, Mercedes tends to see the SUV speeds from zero to 60 in only 4.1 seconds. All while the Benz can unleash the 536-horsepower output as the EQS580 SUV model approaches to 60 miles per hour in only 4.0 seconds.

The SUV weighs in over 6000 pounds. Maybach has the vehicle jam-packed with a range of 372-miles at WLTP, all thanks to a 107.8-kilowatt hours. Of course, the other details to mention is how the cargo volume can pack 15 feet cubed, while the height of the car is measured in at 67.8 inches and the width is measured in and of itself at about 80.1 inches. When using the onboard charger, it’s important to note that it can handle charging about 9.6 kilowatts.

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