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Metro Traffic Delayed on 2 Lines: The Shooting Suspect Jumped on Tracks

You are currently viewing Metro Traffic Delayed on 2 Lines: The Shooting Suspect Jumped on Tracks
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WASHINGTON DC — Metro traffic on 2 lines was delayed Wednesday morning because a suspect in a shooting near police headquarters the previous night jumped onto the tracks and ran, sources tell the local news.


Metro Transit police believe the man, who was not immediately identified, shot another man Tuesday evening near 3rd and D streets NW. The victim was found lying in the southbound entry ramp to the I-395 tunnel, a police report says.


Police put out a lookout for the suspect, and on Wednesday morning, officers spotted him at the Gallery Place Metro station, on the upper platform for the Red Line. When officers approached him, the man leaped down to the lower platform, which serves the Green and Yellow lines.


The man then jumped onto the tracks and started running. Officers ran after him, and he was quickly taken into custody.


Video from the scene shows two men in street clothes holding a man down on the Metro tracks as two Metro Transit police officers in bright yellow shirts arrest him.


It wasn’t immediately clear if the men in plainclothes were civilians or officers.


It also wasn’t clear if the electrified third rail had been disabled during the arrest.


Metro service on the Green Line and Yellow Line were briefly delayed in both directions at about 8 a.m. because of the incident.


Sources told the suspect is believed to be responsible for the shooting Tuesday near 3rd and D streets NW, close to Metropolitan Police Department headquarters. Multiple people called 911 at about 6:15 p.m., a police report says.


The southbound I-395 tunnel was closed during rush hour as officers searched for evidence.


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