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Most Haunted Highways in the U.S.

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Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls, oh my! With Halloween rapidly approaching, we figured we’d add to the mysterious phenomena and supernatural by compiling a list of some of the creepiest, most haunted highways in the country. Enter at your own risk…

Route 66

First and foremost, let’s begin with the infamous highway that runs all the way from Chicago to the Pacific Ocean. This haunted highway has reportedly had its fair share of ghostly hitchhikers and mystical occurrences.  Not to mention, the more than 100 creepy stops along the way, including “Zombie Road” in Wildwood, Mo. The Coleman Theater in Miami, Okla. is another spooky stop along the route which is said to have been built on top of an ancient crematorium.

Clinton Road –West Milford, New Jersey

Secondly, this haunted highway is just a short hour drive from New York City. It is creepily isolated and quiet. Legend has it that there are mutant animals hiding in the woods. Also, the story is, if you throw a coin over the bridge, a boy who drowned there will throw it back to you.  

Prospector’s Road, California

Following is one of the most haunted highways that spans between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe. The ghostly tales of dead gold miners stem from the greed-driven murders of the 1800s. One miner is rumored to haunt the road, telling hikers and drivers to “get off my claim.”

Dead Man’s Curve –Clermont County, Ohio

Furthermore, this road located east of Cincinnati where Route 222 meets Route 125 in the village of Bantam is said to have been the site of many deaths. Additionally, this curve was responsible for countless horses and carriages sliding down the hill back in the 1800s. Although the road has since been straightened, onlookers have reported seeing floating cars and carriages, as well as faceless hitchhikers along the way.

Shades of Death Road –Warren County, New Jersey

Moreover, this haunted highway certainly lives up to its name. Rumor has it that due to its winding road and many hiding spots, it was the perfect location for bandits to hide out and commit acts of theft, and even murder. Additionally, the tales say that locals would hang the bodies of the bandits in the trees as a warning to other criminals. This haunted highway is known for its extreme fog and unexplainable floating lights.

Highway 93 –Arizona

Last, but not least, this spooky highway was nicknamed “Blood Alley” because of the countless deaths that have occurred here. There have been numerous stories of ghost sightings, and even a ghost bus. The haunted highway is also home to quite a few creepy ghost towns.

What are some other eerie highways you’ve come across? Comment below.

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