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NHTSA Asks Drivers to Check Vehicles for Recalls

You are currently viewing NHTSA Asks Drivers to Check Vehicles for Recalls
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With daylight saving time coming up this weekend, the NHTSA is asking drivers to be careful. For its annual Vehicle Safety Recalls Week, the NHTSA is asking drivers across the country to check their vehicles. Mechanical issues can exacerbate what will already be a deadly time for many.

After all, every Daylight Saving Time switch makes U.S. roads far less safe for drivers. Some estimates suggest that fatal crashes increase by as much as 6% immediately following the Daylight Saving Time switch. If your vehicle is part of a recall, the odds that you get into a serious accident increase significantly. So, the NHSTA wants drivers to determine if their car is under recall.

The NHTSA has a finder that shows all active recalls.

In its press release about the week, the NHTSA touted its own tool to find recalls. Its recall lookup tool allows you to enter your VIN and see if your car has an active recall. While it may seem like a minor concern, last year over 30 million vehicles had recalls. That’s a staggering number, and while the majority of those recalls weren’t immediately life-threatening, they certainly compromised safety. If you want to ensure your vehicle is operating at full capacity, you should check for a recall.

Fix your car for free!

The great thing about recalls is that they are free to fix. If you find out that your vehicle is under recall, you should immediately call your local dealership. They are the ones who will complete the work on your recalled vehicle. Just set up a date and time with them and wait for your vehicle to come back working like new.

Vehicle maintenance is something that many people choose to forgo. After all, it can be very expensive, and it doesn’t necessarily have an impact on your driving experience. That is, until your car has a catastrophic mechanical failure that causes an accident! Be proactive this spring and check if your vehicle is under recall; if you find out it is, you’ll be glad you checked!

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