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Norway Has 60% New Cars As Electric Industry In VW ID.3

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In the country of Norway, the leading market to their economy is the electric vehicles. With the most aggressive goal of anyone in the industry, their goal remains to have every car in 2025.

Currently, the world has a market share for electric vehicles at three percent. It’s a goal that rivals kissing the Sun, but a worthy one it is.

Just in 2019, alone, Norway had 56% of their vehicles as electric cars. This includes fully electric and plug-in hybrids.

2020, admittedly, has been rough due to the terror of the pandemic. The launching of the VW ID.3 made this possible, with a milestone of near two-thousand of those cars being sold in September. (1,989 units to be precise.) This also came as an effect made possible thanks to the Tesla Model 3. Elon Musk’s company made room for 1,116 Model 3 Vehicles to Norway in September.

Also, who can forget the Polestar 2? That vehicle was integral to adding 937 electric cars to the grand total.

Some experts believe that an all-electric future is likely by 2025. At this rate, plug-in hybrid cars can hit the country of Norway at a percentage of 75 – 80% by this time next year. This also comes, assuming that Tesla does good on their promise to have more varieties of their Model Y by that time.

My Opinion?

Electric cars are here to stay and soon make the gas guzzlers go extinct at least by 2050. But truly, the possibility for more renewable energy sources taking over the market are incredible. We have to consider, now, the possibilities for Solar powered vehicles that can store energy from the Sun. Therefore, being able to use this powered fuel at night as is necessary. Such a future is in our reach and easy to attain if we only believe in the sources that be like the sky believes the stars will never fall down.

But they may fall down.

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