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Open Car Transport

Open Car Moving

Our most popular method of auto transport is Open Car Shipping. Enclosed Auto Shipping is great for exotic or classic vehicles but it is slightly more expensive. Most auto shipping customers prefer this shipping method because it’s a cheaper alternative. Moreover, due to higher demand, there are more open car carriers readily available, making it easier to get a reservation.

What is Open Car Shipping?

Open Car Transport is a method of vehicle transportation in which a vehicle is put on top of an unenclosed trailer. Your car is secure on the open trailer but it is susceptible to road dust and weather conditions. Meanwhile, your vehicle is accompanied by other vehicles on the trailer during its journey.

Washington D.C. Auto Transport: Open Car Transport

Washington D.C. Auto Transport provides a full range of services which include open vehicle transport.  Our service is both reliable and affordable. This is precisely why it’s an excellent choice for many customers when moving their vehicles across the country.

We assist auctions, dealers, businesses, and individuals with our Open Auto Transport. We can even ship multiple cars at the same time. For instance, if you have a big family and several cars need to be shipped, we have you covered. Our hassle-free Open Auto Shipping is able to accommodate multiple cars from the same client.

Best of all, we guarantee the full safety of your car during transport. With our insurance you’ll be protected from any damages, though, it’s highly unlikely it will be needed anyway. We keep your car protected and secure. However, should you desire a higher level of security, enclosed auto shipping is available. This method of delivery is generally suggested for luxury and vintage cars.

We guarantee affordable rates for your open auto transport. In fact, we’re even willing to beat our competitors with our rates. Just show us a lower price quote from another company, and we’ll do our best to beat it.

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