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OTR or Local? Understanding Your Options

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Venturing into the trucking industry comes with a lot of decisions. One in particularly, is whether you should drive locally, or hit the open road as an OTR driver. For many newbie truckers this might be a difficult decision to make as they equally offer great benefits. For instance, if you love to travel and explore the country, then OTR driving might be best for you. Conversely, if you want to stay closer to home, for family obligations and the likes, then you may want to consider local driving. However, we’ve compiled a list of pros and cons for both before making a final decision.

Local Trucking

Local truck drivers typically stay close to their base home, transporting goods nearby, often for a particular store. The days are a lot more mundane, and you can sleep in your own bed every night.

The Pros:
  • If being home is your thing, then you will have the ability to stay close as a local trucker.
  • Additionally, local truckers are familiar with the area.
  • Also, the relationships you build locally results in more dedicated runs.
  • Moreover, the days and daily routines are predictable.
  • Lastly, there are no logbooks to deal with.
 The Cons
  • However, with local trucking comes long days.
  • Furthermore, the schedule isn’t as flexible.
  • Generally, more maneuvering is required.
  • Also, the average pay is much lower.  
  • Lastly, there are typically fewer local jobs available.
Over-the-Road Trucking

OTR is the short term for over-the-road trucking. OTR drivers travel across the country. For these truckers, it’s more than a job, it’s a lifestyle.

The Pros
  • Firstly, OTR drivers have more freedom and flexibility in their schedule.
  • Moreover, on average OTR truckers receive higher pay.
  • Not to mention, traveling all over the country.
  • Also, job security is much higher.
  • In addition to the option of team driving.
The Cons
  • Unquestionably, you are away from home for long periods of time.
  • Not to mention, random scheduling.
  • Additionally, it can get lonely on the road.
  • Along with eating, showering, and sleeping on the road.

However, ultimately, the decision belongs to you.

What are some other pros/cons to OTR and Local Trucking? Comment below.

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