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Providence Public School Principal Found Two-Timing School Duties

You are currently viewing Providence Public School Principal Found Two-Timing School Duties
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As it turns out, Michael Redmond, a principal of E-Cubed Academy, had been taking on two roles at once. For he was also still working as the assistant principal, in a virtual sense, at the Stephen E. Kramer Middle School. This was occurring for about seventeen weeks after the fact that he was working full-time for Providence Public Schools’ District. Essentially, he was managing a school online and in-person at the capital simultaneously. (The Online School being Stephen E. Kramer Middle School and The Physical School Being E-Cubed Academy.)

Certainly, this would not stand for the District of Columbia or Providence, since their Board of Ethics and Government Accountability made objection of this, earlier this month.

Michael Redmond himself has stated that he did work weekdays from about 8:3o in the morning until 3:15 in the afternoon. This is the case for Providence Public Schools. In addition to that, Michael Redmond also would work weekdays from 8:45 am to about 3:15 pm in the D.C. Public Schools’ District

Of course, this is all in line with a violation notice sent in by the board. As a result, Michael Redmond had to resign from D.C. Public Schools on November 30th, 2020. In which he was able to earn about $41,000 in District government wages throughout those seventeen weeks. Of course, there was also the annual salary of about  $125,434 above the $120,720 yearly salary as the principal of E-Cubed Academy.

However, this definitely throws a wrench in the matter. The code of conduct states that he broke the rules on four counts. Including, “receiving compensation for [outside] teaching activities during regular working hours, without using annual leave, compensatory leave, exempt time off, or leave without pay.”

Enrique Gutierrez, a spokesperson for D.C. public schools district, had some words. “DCPS was alerted to this concern in the fall of 2020. Consistent with our protocols, we immediately began an investigation and reported the allegation to D.C.’s Board of Ethics and Government Accountability for investigation,”

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