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Renewable Fuels for D.C.

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Renewable energy is on everyone’s mind now. With the invention of the first mass-produced electric cars, countries like Norway are looking to fully integrate by the end of 2025. Not only specific countries but here in the US, the state capitol, as well as other states, have taken to improve the living standards and fuel consumption ratios.

Renewable Energy By 2035

With the inclusion of solar panels and wind turbines, DC looks to improve air and water conditions. Issues with the Patomik rivers past has brought forward health concerns for residents of the area. The capitol has plans to cut down on fossil fuel emissions. This will encourage the sale and use of electric vehicles. On top of that, DC has become more and more foot-traffic oriented. Where they are encouraging the use of public transportation to cut down congestion on highly populated areas. By the end of 2035, the area’s energy will consist of 50% renewable energy and fuel.

Spearheading Renewable Fuel By 50%

From electronic vehicles to solar-powered homes, the capitol is looking to make a massive industry push and redesign. Where DC residents cannot officially vote (although they pay hefty taxes) they can only work to improve the local area. Thus, they have been able to maintain an effective renewable energy strategy outside of Federal concerns.

Biodiesel Consumption

With the integration of biofuels into the American trucking industry, many DC officials have stated this has been a positive note. With many looking to improve their commuting vehicles by either switching to all-electric or even biodiesel options, this has acted as a catalyst for improving the environment.

Switching To Electric

Directing sales flow in order to increase new electric car buyers has been the plan since Tesla first introduced its consumer vehicle line. Many areas have implemented protocols that would increase the level of sales for electric cars. This would present a decrease in common residential energy spending. From homes to cars, everyone will be able to save money on living expenses.

Why Renewable Energy Matters

Renewable energy has been the focal point for the future. Without the reliance on fossil fuels, many will feel the financial as well as environmental impact of switching. This has been proven positive in many other countries. Norway has dropped their usage of fossil fuels by almost 100% and is continuing to grow. Taking a look at other states, California has been the pioneer of these methods. By maintaining stricter emissions standards than anywhere else, the state has grown.

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