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Saving Money on Your Car Shipping Order

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Read on to keep your pockets full while shipping a car!
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Shipping a car anywhere in the country can be quite expensive. After all, you’ll want to make sure that your car is in good hands, so you won’t just give it to some guy with a trailer. It’s your car, and you’ll want to be sure that it’s in good hands. That being said, you don’t have to break the bank completely on your shipment. There are things you can do that make saving money on your car shipping order possible. Here are some things you can do to keep your costs low while you move your car:

You can reduce your cost by scheduling your shipment early.

The best way to save on auto transport is to get ahead of the scheduling process. Scheduling a car shipment takes time, and if we have to rush that process to accommodate you, we may wind up charging you more. However, if you leave us plenty of time to schedule, we can ensure we do things as efficiently as possible. We’ll pass on the savings that we are able to get to you!

Leave the add-ons at the door to save.

We take pride in the fact that we can customize any car shipment to fit your particular needs. However, if you’re flexible with regards to your needs, we can help you save more! For example, a lot of people choose to ship their cars door-to-door for the utmost convenience. If you choose to ship terminal-to-terminal instead, we’ll thank you for your flexibility by keeping the cost of your shipment nice and low. It will be slightly less convenient, but the money you’ll save will feel nice in your pocket.

Saving can be as easy as choosing open car shipping.

The easiest way to save on your shipment is by choosing the most affordable service out there: open car transport. Open transport is less expensive because it is easier to schedule and allows us to load more vehicles onto a single load. With open transport, our team will have the easiest time shipping your car quickly and securely. Because of this, it’s the most affordable way to ship a car, bar none!

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