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Scabies Scourge at DC VA Medical Center

You are currently viewing Scabies Scourge at DC VA Medical Center
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WASHINGTON, DC – Currently, one patient and around a dozen employees are getting treatment for scabies at a community living center within the DC VA Medical Center. Turns out, officials diagnosed scabies just last week. Consequently, medical personnel initiated precautions to ensure the disease was not spread to other patients.

The DC VA Medical Center treated 12 staff members possibly exposed to the illness. Furthermore, a hospital spokesperson wouldn’t confirm if the employees had contracted the disease or if treatment was merely a preventative protocol. However, she did say the scabies outbreak impacted workers.

According to hospital officials, the other residents, the residents’ families, and all staffers have been briefed on the matter. Nevertheless, community center operations resumed as usual. Luckily, the disease affected no other patients.

Scabies is generally uncommon nowadays. Mites cause the affliction. They dig deep into the skin producing intense itching. Scabies typically sets up shop in the folds of the skin. It emerges between fingers, around the waist, and on the soles of the feet.

Several employees at the hospital confirmed the minor outbreak at the facility. This kind of scabies scare happened once before at a Virginia VA medical center in 2011. In order to minimize the spread of the disease, medical center teams imposed visitor restrictions on the hospital.

The DC VA Medical Center’s community living sector is a 120-bed residential community for veterans.

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