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School Districts Need To Inform Parents Of Overdoses In 24 Hours

You are currently viewing School Districts Need To Inform Parents Of Overdoses In 24 Hours
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Schools are trying to be more careful, in the aftermath of a relatively depressing circumstance that showed nine students from Loudoun County High School having overdosed from various drugs. Several other instances show that six students had come in at other schools in the county with overdoses on the school campuses. In the community.

What’s the backstory?

The new policy change comes across after it was reported that nine kids at Park View High School in Sterling, Virginia had OD’d on pills that were supposedly filled with fentanyl, according to the Loudon County Sheriff’s Office. Just the past Wednesday showed a collective of 10 students at six other schools had gone through several overdoses through plenty of campuses so far within the school year. Loudoun County Publics Schools have waited way too long. Beyond twenty days in particular, in order to inform parents regarding the overdoses. As a result, Governor Glenn Youngkin has made it known that he definitely wants things to change. Starting with the Superintendent of Public Instruction as well as the Department of Education to give guidance for school systems to tell all parents in the span of 24 hours of a student overdose, all while letting the police stop overdoses in addition to fortifying student education on the dangers of the drug abuse.

Four of the overdoses in regards of the Park View students occurred at the school, all while everything else happened off campus. Three of the students have been offered Naloxone as an anti-overdose drug. Even CPR was administered to two of those students, from what the Sheriff’s office have said.

Six other students at those schools within the county have gone through suspected overdoses within this school year upon the respective school campuses. Such high schools to be included involve, Dominion HS, Briar Woods HS and Broad Run HS.

Luckily, those ten students which had overdosed on school grounds survived well.

Through a search warrant affidavit, a detective has mentioned an apparent overdose victim had gone within the school bathroom to buy the pills just the day before the overdose. The Governor’s executive order in itself requires schools to tell those in the community of specific situations whenever an overdose happens after a student acquires drugs at school.

The district seat for Sterling in the Loudon County School Board, all at Park View High School for a specific instance of the superintendent’s listening sessions upon the October 12th, being the first day of the overdoses.

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