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Thanksgiving Dinner Can Be Caught At Several Restaurants

You are currently viewing Thanksgiving Dinner Can Be Caught At Several Restaurants
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This year, when you’re looking for an agreeable Thanksgiving dinner, you may go to one of these places.

For starters, you may try Art & Soul, which is a multimillion-dollar dining room renovation. This restaurant includes options at the Hotel’s restaurant like cornbread and mashed potatoes. You may be able to even get a three-course meal at about $75, for adults. Found at 415 New Jersey Ave.

Furthermore, there is The Fairmont. This location offers turkey, charcuterie and a raw bar. Additionally, there is a dessert station, complete with treats like salted caramel apple cheesecake. You would have to make sure you reserve seating as early as 1 pm. Additionally, you may likely reserve more seating at about 4 pm. It’s pricey however, weighing in at $139 per head. This location is at 2401 M St.

Continuing on, you may like Trummer’s which offers fresh takes on beloved classics, such as the rotisserie heritage turkey, cornbread with whipped honey butter and honeynut squash risotto. Plus, if you’re a fan of pumpkin, well then you’ll be over-the-moon for their pumpkin cider martini, complete with torched marshmallow fluff. This menu specifically clocks in at about $87 for every adult. Found at 7134 Main St, Clifton.

Let’s say you’re looking for something better than Thanksgiving dine-in…

Beuchert’s Saloon has Thanksgiving packages to-go, complete with mulled wine. All their turkey happens to be deboned and additionally served as a ballotine with rutabaga mash and pumpkin cheesecake. You’d be able to get a great date out of this for two, priced at about $90. 623 Pennsylvania Ave.

It’s possible you may be looking for something with a little more latin-influence in the area. So why not experiment with the Cocineros Modern Latin Eatery. They have such desirable Argentine twists such as a flank steak, topped with boiled eggs, cilantro and bell peppers. Pay $50 for two people, $100 for eight, and throw in a $25 dessert tray.

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