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The U.S. Government Possibly Confirms Alien Existence

You are currently viewing The U.S. Government Possibly Confirms Alien Existence
The whistleblower claims the U.S. government secretly collects extraterrestrial objects after crashes.
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Recently in Washington D.C., there were congressional hearings in which former military and government employees provided damning testimony. They claimed the U.S. government has been aware of alien existence for decades. Several people, who held different positions in government, provided their testimonies showing their experiences with extraterrestrial life while working in government.

The main testimony came from David Grusch, a whistleblower from the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (or UAP) task force.

He recounted several second-hand stories of alien encounters. His whistleblowing claim ultimately is that the U.S. government, particularly the Department of Defense, has secret programs to collect materials from alien crashes. He claims the programs operate without any public knowledge and also lack necessary Congressional leadership.

One such story that he shared alleged knowledge of involves the secret government program collecting “non-human” pilots of an aircraft that crashed from the sky. Since his claims include a lack of necessary congressional approvals and permission, Congress has announced that this meeting is the first of several that they plan to hold.

Further testimonies were provided by other former government employees, all in support of Grusch’s claims. David Fravor, a former U.S. Navy pilot and Commander told the story of his personal encounter with a ship called the Tic Tac UFO while on the stand. He said he was never briefed on what the object was nor where it came from.

Additionally, a testimony was given by ex-Naval pilot, Ryan Graves. In his testimony, he spoke of an encounter he had with a strange object. He described it as a black sphere floating within a clear cube. He said that he knew of many other pilots coming into contact with similar strange objects.

However, there is no documentation of any such object or encounter.

That tends to be the common thread through all of these encounters described in the testimonies. For all of them, there is little to no evidence of the experiences having ever happened, aside from the stories told. They also then have opposition coming from the government powers in the White House, Pentagon, and NASA. All of these parties’ official stance is that they have no reason to believe any of the strange objects being reported have extraterrestrial origins.

Nevertheless, Congress will continue to hold hearings over these claims until they issue an official ruling.

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