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Toyota And Their Tacoma Come Out With A Tacozilla Camper

You are currently viewing Toyota And Their Tacoma Come Out With A Tacozilla Camper
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A custom Tacoma camper is getting readied for the SEMA show by Toyota in a majorly retro way. This camper is essentially the Tacozilla and exudes a sense of the ’60s and ’70s. It gives off an orange, bronze and yellow color scheme. The vehicle itself is so high, it can fit a bathroom and kitchen inside. The Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla also rides high in the sky with 33-inch all-terrain tires. These trucks are amazing in the overlanding community. At the SEMA show, the automaker will debut this retro go at the past.

Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla happens to find its basis on an original Tacoma TRD Sport, which itself is from a Motorsports garage.

Additionally, the color scheme allows for a nostalgia reminiscent of yesteryear. It is true to most of the campers of the ’60s and ’70s. With the smooth top and bottom, the Tacozilla can navigate off-road trails easily. In addition, Toyota believes a six-foot-tall person is mighty capable to walk about the insides of the camper. The Tacoma itself is not very specific to Tacos or “Tacozilla” would actually make sense. Rather, the Toyota Tacoma Tacozilla maintains the same old fender flares as the original stock truck. In addition to providing two inches of ground clearance.

The inside of this Toyota features teak floors, stove-and-sink-kitchen, a bathroom and shower, a pop-up skylight and even a television. The kitchen table is 3D-Printed and is able to convert into a sleeping space. Stowed away, the kitchen Table is a backlit piece of wall-art.

The Wheels are 17-inch-TRDs which are wrapped in general by General Grabber all-terrainers. Furthermore, the fuel tank filler happens to separate from the camper as an auxiliary battery is also installed in the engine bay. This can make life easier for overlanding rigs as additional power. The Tacozilla happens to exist as a special prototype to showcase at the SEMA show. Likely, it will give plenty of inspo. for overlanders.

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