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American Airlines ‘Traveling on Thanksgiving? Take a Pie With You’

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Are you going to visit Washington on these days? It is not going to be easy as it is the busiest time of the year. American Airlines wants you to know!

A record-breaking 30.6 million passengers will travel during the holiday as Thanksgiving is the busiest time at US airlines for traveling passengers. According to a report by American Airlines, the estimated number of travelers were 29 million a year ago.

The busiest day is expected to be Sunday, November 25th, with an estimated 3.06 million passengers trying to get back to their homes from the holiday celebration. Wednesday, November 21st is the 2nd busiest day when people have planned to visit their families and relatives.

Due to the airline association, the holiday travel started on November 16 and will be extending through November 27. Also, on November 25th, over 2.7 million passengers will travel back home.

Do you want to have a nice and comfortable flight with no rush and delays? It is a recommendation to travel on the actual Thanksgiving Day, November 22 – not a day earlier or later. The Transportation Security Administration is going to have about 2.6 million passengers and crew on Wednesday (a day earlier).

According to the TSA, they will add more than 1,200 TSA officers and an additional 80 passenger screening teams over the holiday period.

Take a Pie with You – American Airlines

Imagine, you are eating a pie on a plane on Thanksgiving Day. Isn’t it great? American Airlines gives the opportunity to have a pie with you while boarding. The most important thing is the packing process. The pie needs to be in a box folded with a kitchen towel to keep the pie from sliding around. Please, notice that the pie needs to pass a security check with other possessions.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers. Wishing you the blessing of hope this Thanksgiving Day!

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