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Visiting The National Mall? Avoid These Mistakes!

You are currently viewing Visiting The National Mall? Avoid These Mistakes!
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After the pandemic has rid the American people of enjoying new surroundings, the nation is chasing back tourism. Now if only people knew how to be smart about it. And at the Nation’s capital, it’s an unfortunate truth we all must bear at one point or another: vacations can go terribly wrong. This is a given, whether you head down the streets of Manhattan or the rides of Disneyland. But one major tourist trap people are always underestimating is the National Mall. Of course, you think the world is your oyster because the National Mall itself is so huge and majestic. But what actually ends up happening is that self-entitled, chauvinistic, know-it-alls think that just because they’ve seen National Geographic that they know what the National Mall is really like. But they don’t. And here are five surefire signs that if not avoided, indicate a massive amount of stupidity on your part.

Vote Yes For Reagan and No For Dulles

Evidently, whether you are visiting DC or just now moving into a new home you have here, the dumbest thing you can do is fly in and land at Dulles Airport. Sure, it’s listed as an option on the Internet booking sites, but in case you’ve lost track of your surroundings, Dulles is located an hour away from the airport. Vouch for BWI or Reagan National as your go-to airport. Preferably, the latter, as it lays only minutes outside of Arlington, Virginia.

Don’t Check Out The Monuments During Peak Hours

It’s one thing to totally ignore the Lincoln Memorial being a three-dimensional building and not even choose to look through the back to see the Potomac River in the Arlington National Cemetery. It’s a whole other problem when you choose to go to the monuments a little predictably. It’s already a problem that the Sun is high and dry above the tourists, but consider that everyone else in town wants to see the same structures you do! There will be lines, waits and plenty of photo bombs! Don’t go during peak hours. Rather, broaden your choices outside of the National Mall, to live music venues, lesser-known museums and even picnic spots in Logan Circle.

Plan Your Trip Better

This includes making reservations to your restaurants of choice, as well as planning your time around events that may be happening around town. Not just your festivals but also, in the case of the National Mall, serious political activities such as marches, protests, rallies or political engagements. It also involves maybe watching out for great zoos, like the one at Cleveland Park.

In Any Case…

Enjoy your trip to the National Mall! Washington DC has plenty to offer and with these tips in mind, there’s no problem in handling the finer details of loving the National Mall.

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