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Volvo S60 T8 Is In High-Demand, After A 40,000 Mile Test

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Volvo has a 400-horsepower plug-in-hybrid S60 sedan that comes across as possibly one of the most desirable vehicles in a tall tale of road trip cars. There tends to be more and more states crossing it off the bucket list, as this vehicle has gone through several states of the United States with flying colors. It’s pretty popular, considering that there are front seats and massage functions that are quite comforting, combined with a highway demeanor to love. On top of this, a quiet cabin which can bring in some silent decibels of 66 at 70 miles per hour. This is therefore allowing the driver to best enjoy that sound system ever so easily.

The Volvo Does Have Pilot Assist

With this driver-assistance system, there is recalibration that could benefit the S60 lane-keeping function which has a tendency to pull towards the left. With the lack of cabin storage, there’s also complaints that the Mazda has a larger center console than the S60’s. This is granted with the knowledge that the Volvo just has better kilowatt-hours. Sometimes, there may be a need to bring in the charge for a day-to-day use. But disappointingly enough, the car averages 28 MPGe, in spite of plenty of travels. That in itself is lowering from the original 30 MPGe that was seen from the last update and less than the EPA estimates as if the S60 had some secret powers.

Usually, the idea would be that you drive a car for so long and you worry about how much the wear-and-tear will cost to repair. But you’ll be surprised to find out that it’s actually nothing. The vehicle is able to do well with a large distance and an uproarious mileage. The Fuel tank happens to be about 15.9 gallons. When observing the range, that’s easily 440 miles. How impressive can that be!

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