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Planning a Trip to Portland, OR?


Portland, OR has a population of about 648,000 and is the largest city in the state of Oregon. The industry that drives the city is the timber and logging industry. Portland is one of America’s most environmentally conscious cities. It owes that distinction its increasing walkability rate, large bicyclist community, and big public transportation network. Additionally, its farm-to-table dining experience and 10,000 acres of public parks help establish its environmentalist profile. Since the climate is amazing for growing roses, Portland has the nickname “City of Roses”.

Washington DC Auto Transport Can Help You Ship Your Car From Washington, DC to Portland, OR

Washington DC Auto Transport can save you from a 42-hour drive. By driving across the country from Washington, DC to Portland, OR, you would put an extra 2,800 miles on your car. And that would decrease the value of your car. You also have to add breaks and possible overnight stays to that 42 hours. Suddenly, the drive starts looking like a real journey.

By using the Washington DC Auto Transport service, you are allowing us to save you from the hassle, stress, risk, and extra expenses that can occur when driving across the country. Our prices are affordable and depend on the length of the route and the type of shipping method chosen. We offer special discounts for senior citizens, military, and students.

Washington DC Auto Transport can make your Portland car transport experience easy, hassle-free, and affordable no matter what your specific situation requires.

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