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Washington Police Still Searching for Sexual Assault Suspect

You are currently viewing Washington Police Still Searching for Sexual Assault Suspect
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Tuesday morning, FBI Washington Field and the U.S. Attorney’s Office for D.C. shared a DNA based evidence as well as a digital sketch of a man who has been wanted for years.


The suspect remains missing and federal authorities need the help of the public to be able to find the suspect or know who he is.


The suspect is wanted for committing 6 sexual assaults that were done in different hotels all over D.C. years back. All of the evidence linked all 6 cases to his DNA.


He is still out there and police have not been able to identify this man.


Police have based his entire profile on his DNA and other forms of evidence that they have found from the scenes of his assaults.


An attorney for D.C. Jessie Liu said that authorities had no choice but to move forward with this case because the deadline for the case is coming up.


One of his victims was a 29-year-old housekeeper who worked at the Jefferson Hotel in Washington.


Another one of his victims was a 22-year-old housekeeper who at the time was working at the Marriott Courtyard Hotel.


His first assault was on an 18-year-old teenage girl who he picked up from the street and sexually assaulted her in his car.


Police are saying that the suspect might have also been involved in a few other assault cases that were in Virginia and Maryland.


Most of his victims were housekeepers in hotels. He would enter random rooms that were being cleaned by the housekeepers and threaten them.


He used a box cutter and cords to scare his victims or even hurt them.


Police say the man is either in his 30s or 40s and his height is around 5-foot-8 or 5-foot -10.


The only evidence that police have with them is a box cutter with ‘Debbie’ printed on it and a ring.


Police are still trying to find the man who has assaulted over 6 women in the last few years and the reward for anyone with any information is high.


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