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Washington Redskins: NFL Team Decides To Rename

You are currently viewing Washington Redskins: NFL Team Decides To Rename
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Washington DC – In a move to appropriate culture, the Washington Redskins are changing their name. The team has a history of complaints.

Throughout the past decade, complaints have riddled the Redskins name due to the depiction of Native Americans. With many finding the term derogatory, the team now has the ability to change it.

The decision was made by Dan Snyder – owner of the team.

“We will be retiring the team’s name and logo upon the completion of this review.”

In a statement released by Business Sports Journal, the new team name has not reached completion.

“Dan Snyder and Coach Rivera are working closely to develop a new name and design approach that will enhance the standing of our proud, tradition-rich franchise and inspire our sponsors, fans, and community for the next 100 years.”

The area is going through changes. Washington is looking to completely overhaul the team and create a new stadium. With that, comes re-branding.

The Washington Redskins Will Have A New Name

The team has a long history with the original name. While it remains the name, for now, this will not be for long.

Many different names have been confirmed as potential replacements. The first is the Washington Redtails. The Redtails were a group of elite fighter pilots who flew over Germany in World War 2. The second is the “Washington Warriors”. Both have received plenty of hype.

For now, we will wait for the team to come to a conclusion of the new name. Reports and statements have not yet confirmed date, but the team’s social media, Team managers, players, and Dan Snyder are saying they will choose the name “soon”.

Several Native American tribes as well as NFL President Roger Goodell are calling for the team to fully change their name. While the rest of the country sits, the NFL is looking to start games this season on time.

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