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Washington D.C. Sues E-Cigarette Company Juul

You are currently viewing Washington D.C. Sues E-Cigarette Company Juul
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WASHINGTON, D.C. –  The state has joined California and New York on suing the United States’ largest electronic cigarette company, Juul Labs, for targeting young teens with its marketing advertisements.

The e-cig company is facing an intense backlash against the rising epidemic of lung sickness that has killed more than 30 people and declined the health of thousands in the past months. As well as increasing the product use for minors.

Juul Labs had sold to underage customers illegally and with the use of social media platforms such as; Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, the company’s advertisement misrepresented the safety of its products. This was according to a lawsuit filed by Washington’s district government.

According to Karl Racine, the capitals Attorney General, he says, “We are looking to stop Juul from taking part in these illegal practices, as they have succumbed the new generation with nicotine addiction.”

Juul is known for targeting their young audience through the advertisement of vape flavors, modern design, and a chemical compound created to entice smokers after their first use.

The electronic cigarette company is also facing backlash by the court, claiming that Juul promoted its product with the help of “influencers” and their followers on social media. This strategy was to appeal to the younger generation market.

However, Juul has denied that their products were aimed towards minors and has since pulled appealing flavors such as mango and mint from the market. They also have suspended all forms of their brands advertising such as; print, broadcast, and digital.

The National Youth Tobacco Survey released a report last month claiming that more than five million middle and high school students admitted to using the product within the past few days, an all-time high.

US federal regulators are conducting an investigation against the company for “deceptive marketing” after the uprising of vaping-related deaths.

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