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With the National Guard in the Nation’s Capital, the Price Tag is Surging

You are currently viewing With the National Guard in the Nation’s Capital, the Price Tag is Surging
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Keeping the National Guard in Washington, D.C., is costing the government $483 million in costs through March 15th. This past Monday, the Pentagon said this. The guard helps keep law and order. Something the former President Donald Trump would approve of and give a big thumbs up!

Personnel Costs, Operations, and More Expenses

$284 million is figured in personnel costs and $199 million for operations. These expenses for the National Guard include lodging, meals, transportation, sustainment, and airlift costs.

National Guard Updated Estimate

Moreover, there was an updated estimate. It came after a senior defense official said it would cost about $438 million to keep there from January 6th until mid-March. That was when the nation and world saw violent riots at the Capitol, until mid-March.

There was a huge reduction from the 26,000 troops that were deploying to help safely secure the presidential inauguration for Joe Biden. Between 5,000 to 7,000 troops are staying in D.C. until mid-March.

The Army National Guard has Massive Expenses Themselves

The costs for the Army National Guard consists of $256 million for personal. It’s $165 million for operations. This is according to Pentagon spokesman John Kirby. In the meanwhile, personnel costs for the Air National Guard will reach $28 million for personnel. Moreover, it costs $34 million for operations. All of this adds up to a lot of expenses, though not for military members themselves, of course.

At the end of last month, Acting Army Secretary John E. Whitley said that the Guard had received requests for follow-on assistance. This was from the U.S. Secret Service as well as other law enforcement groups in Washington, D.C.

Supporting Civil Authorities

“Meeting the requirements of the supporting civil authorities is what the National Guard is positioned to do and including protective equipment and arming if necessary,” Whitley said at the time.

Unfortunately, the continued presence of the guard has drawn ire from some.

“Let’s not quarter a standing army at the capitol just in case. That is the lesson of the Capitol riot. But in fact, our security measures should be measured to the actual threats,” Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., said at the end of last month.

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